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40under40 Microtalks at lightspace dot London 2017

We asked members of our class of 2018 40under40 lighting designers if they’d like to present a micro-talk around the topic of how we might bring the benefits of lighing to everyone. On the day we were happy to welcome Gary Thornton, senior project designer at Neolight Global and Nitika Agrawal, lighting designer at AECOM, to give us their ideas.

The two presentations came to the subject from entirely different directions, both Gary and Nitika left the lightspace audience with much to think about. From Gary’s perspective, if we want to enhance everyone’s light experience then we need to focus on those bodies that are responsible at the front end of lighting specification; in particular the developers and the house builders. For people to appreciate what’s possible, its necessary for them to experience the possible in the first place.

Nitika introduced the audience to a very different world. In parts of India many people have no access to electric light at all. That means that any and all measures for bringing illumination into  people’s homes needs to be explored – and if that includes exploring the reflective quality of sweet wrappings, then that’s what should be done.

Two talks, so very different from each other, yet both approaching the topic with a clarity of purpose. The organisers originally intended to announce a ‘winning’ presentation. In the circumstances, such a decision would have been inappropriate. Both of these talks deserve to reach a wider audience and we wish Gary and Nitika well in their campaigning for better lighting – whatever part of the world we happen to be in.